The Mind Diet Plan and Beta-Amyloid Proteins

The Mind Diet is considered to have the characteristics that can reduce the beta-Amyloid proteins.

Beta-Amyloid proteins are basically protein fragments that are naturally present in the human body.

The problem lies in the fact that they have the tendency to develop in the brain region and interrupt the brain cell-to-cell communication in a dramatic manner.

This very problem has the potential to trigger brain cell death. Moreover, the researchers are sure that this issue can actually be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

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The clinical study has signaled that the availability of antioxidants through Mind diet Foods can plunge the production of beta-Amyloid plaques in the brain.

Additionally, Saturated and Trans fat have shown the tendency to ameliorate these types of proteins in the brains of mice.

Furthermore, these fats have a significant connection with Alzheimer’s disease even they (fats) can actually double the risk of Alzheimer disease in their presence.  

The Research work on the Mind Diet and Brain Health

The official discussion of the diet was through an official paper in the year of 2015. However, two observational studies increase its importance as both confirm that there are noteworthy things in this diet.

One of the studies that had almost 923 elderly adults indicated that those who happened to follow the diet to the maximum extent, they reduced their risk of dementia up to 53 % compared to those who were not following this diet very punctually.

But, still, they attained the benefits in the form of the reduction of the risk up to 35%.

However, there is a drawback too. Because these studies were for the observations only, the researchers could not evaluate the cause and effects.

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The good thing is another controlled study has received approval but this study is, still, in the pipeline for several years and it has not been completed yet.

The Mind Diet can Prevent Alzheimer:

People, who are going after the diet, are looking for these Alzheimer prevention qualities.

One clinical study showed that people, who stick to the Mind Diet, are likely to decrease Alzheimer disease’s risk up to 54%.

Even people, who happen to follow just some part of the diet, still reduce their risk of this brain disease up to 35%.

However, this is not the case with people who are on Mediterranean and DASH diets moderately. The current study seems quite promising yet a few more studies are mandatory to give these results some further validation.

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Moreover, this diet is available as a healthy diet option on the website of WebMD, even for the individuals who do not have any family history of dementia.

The history of progressive mental deterioration in old citizens long goes back into the history but Dr. Alzheimer in 1906, for the very first time, discovered a collection of abnormalities of brain cell as an illness.

One of the patients of Dr. Alzheimer was gone through autopsy. In this autopsy, Dr. Alzheimer discovered that the plaques were present in the surrounding of the nerve cells in the patient’s brain. Moreover, in the nerve cells, he noticed twisted fragments.

Strikingly, more than 5 million people alone in the US is suffering from this disease.

Unfortunately, the number is estimated to rise even further up to sixteen million by the year of 2050. This disease is the 6th largest cause of fatality rate in America.

Furthermore, 2/3 American patients’ of this disease are females. This female patient number is likely to reach 7.1 million just by the year of 2025, as per the Alzheimer Association report.

Alzheimer’s Care

First of all, there is not just one reason that is responsible for this brain-related disease, this disease is more like a cardiovascular disease. It indicates that the various factors are responsible for this disease, such as environmental; genetic; and behavioral factors.

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There are a few previous studies that have shown that what kind of food we intake, has a major role to play in the fact that who will be the victim of the disease and who will not be.

The clinical study confirms that adherence to the any of the above-mentioned diets will significantly lessen the probability of getting the disease. However, the results of reduction are prominent only in the case of Mind Diet.

Speaking of results, the only noticeable fruit in the Mind diet is berries. Blueberries are one of the tremendous members of the group. Even, the strawberries have done well in some of the previous studies that were related to cognitive function.

The Rush University research was the very first study released on a diet, and the scientists anticipate a few more small alterations in the diet pattern and food choices.

Even caffeine and cocoa could be part of the diet for further research.

Moreover, Mind Diet can even be helpful for decreasing the risk factor for strokes and heart diseases.

We need to remember that exercise or physical activity is another noticeable component of the diet that apparently, lowers the chances of improper functioning of cognition.

Additionally, it is observed that when the aerobic conditioning and resistance training are there, the impact is even more noticeable.

Mind Diet for Weight Loss

If you are willing to experience; weight loss, you will have to stick to a few instructions.

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Firstly, watch your portion size. Specifically, the olive oil, which is part of the diet, is high in calories. Just a tablespoon is around 119 calories.

Secondly, any carbohydrates that you are adding to your diet should be present with protein.

Through slowing down the digestive process and stimulating the secretion of satiety hormones, the presence of protein is likely to help you in sugar cravings; and crashes, and it will eventually help you in losing weight.

Bottom Line

More research is definitely required to analyze what exactly the reason & impact connection/relation between the reduction of the risk of Alzheimer, and dementia and Mind Diet. The study promotes the positive vibes for this diet.

Moreover, the diet is good in this perspective that a good variety of food items are present in this diet.

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Therefore, the diet seems to be a great opportunity to maintain the body and mind simultaneously with a general improvement in the health as well.