Child and Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

At Jacksonville Medical facility, we are devoted to sustaining young people and their households while they discover the skills they need to handle their psychological wellness. From comprehensive therapy programs to durable support as well as education and learning, we are right here to help.

As the brain and also body develop from early stage via the adult years, youngsters as well as teens may encounter a variety of challenges. Some concerns may be very easy to fix, while others might result in dilemma. Some young people have the ability to take care of these obstacles, while others might require assistance to browse their method through these problems. Youngster as well as teenage treatment focuses on mental wellness symptoms and diagnoses as they relate to youth development and is concentrated on sustaining youngsters and also their parents and also families on the path to healing.

While children as well as teenagers can struggle with many any kind of mental health condition, there are a few conditions that are regularly existing in more youthful people. Anxiety, stress and anxiety and OCD, ADD/ADHD, autism, bipolar affective disorder, dependency, and personality disorders prevail amongst youths.

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Kid as well as Teenage Mental Health Treatment at Jacksonville

Jacksonville treats children ages 3-19 for an array of medical diagnoses, including clinical depression, stress and anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar affective disorder, and also addiction, as well as we also supply specialized therapy programs concentrating on OCD and also personality disorders and also their accompanying symptoms. Our full complement of inpatient, outpatient, domestic, and also partial hospital solutions assists young people and their families cope with psychiatric illness and also the challenges it often brings.

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Jacksonville’s Programs for Children as well as Adolescents

3East: Teen DBT Programs

Jacksonville’s teenage dialectical behavior modification programs, jointly known as 3East, give specific take care of teens and young adults who need treatment for clinical depression, anxiety, trauma (PTSD), and emerging borderline personality disorder. The programs in the 3East continuum are particularly designed to suit clients in various stages of the therapy and recovery process, from highly concentrated property treatment to outpatient treatment. We have intensive therapy tracks for both boys and also ladies, and our day program (partial healthcare facility) and also outpatient program are coed.

Youngster and Adolescent OCD Institute

OCDI Jr. supplies extensive therapy for youngsters and adolescents ages 10 to 18 with obsessive uncontrollable disorder (OCD), details anxieties, anxiety attack, as well as stress and anxiety conditions. Treatment plans are customized to each child, with exposure and also action prevention treatment as a main focus of treatment. Educational solutions are likewise available for youngsters and also teens to assist our young clients stay up to date with schoolwork throughout their time at the program.

Jacksonville Anxiousness Proficiency Program

At the Jacksonville Anxiety Proficiency Program (MAMP), we work closely with children and also teenagers ages 7 to 19 who offer with social stress and anxiety, specific anxieties, panic attacks, separation anxiety, agoraphobia, and also obsessions and obsessions. Located on the university of Sancta Maria Health Center in Cambridge, our self-pay outpatient center offers team cognitive behavior modification (CBT) sessions with an emphasis on direct exposure and also response avoidance (ERP). These therapy methods aid children and teens learn the skills they require to recognize and also manage their fears and also anxieties.

Jacksonville-Franciscan Youngster as well as Teen Inpatient Program

The Jacksonville-Franciscan Kid and also Adolescent Inpatient Program is an area for hope as well as recovery for children in psychiatric dilemma. Extensive psychiatric stablizing is available for youngsters and teenagers ages 3 to 19. Located in Brighton, Massachusetts, we offer skilled assessment and also inpatient mental health therapy in a secure and also nurturing environment. The goal of the program is for every child as well as adolescent to successfully return to his/her home, school, as well as neighborhood.

Teenage Severe Residential Therapy (ART) Program

The Teenage Severe Residential Therapy (ART) Program supplies extensive, short-term, as well as very concentrated psychiatric take care of teens and young adults through age 19 with psychological as well as behavior problems. With a length of keep in between 10 as well as 14 days, this insurance-based domestic program focuses on stabilizing teenagers in intense dilemma.

Belmont Teen Partial Hospital Program

The Belmont Adolescent Partial Health center Program supplies structured day program care for teenagers and also young adults ages 13-19 with a range of mental health obstacles. This extensive, insurance-based program concentrates on stabilizing teenagers and teaches efficient means of dealing with life stressors.

Assistance, Treatment, and Strength (CELEBRITY) Program

The STAR Program supplies high-grade outpatient like teens as well as young people ages 14-25 that go to threat of psychotic health problems. The program supplies specific therapy as well as psychological therapy for youths who are experiencing modifications that impact thinking, emotions, actions, as well as working. Although modifications like these do not always suggest a first episode of psychiatric ailment, they might place an individual at raised risk of developing psychosis.

Child and also Teen Outpatient Solutions

At Jacksonville Medical facility, we acknowledge the difficulties children and teens with psychological wellness conditions deal with. With our Kid as well as Teen Outpatient Solutions, located on the campus of Sancta Maria Nursing Facility in Cambridge, we are focused on assisting youths as well as their family members handle mental disorder. Our outpatient care includes individual and also team therapy focused on a selection of mental health and wellness medical diagnoses.


Arlington Institution

Jacksonville Health center’s Arlington Institution is a phenomenal, country wide identified university primary secondary school that integrates strong academics with medical assistance for students with psychological health issues that can interfere with their education. We offer a safe and also helpful neighborhood where pupils grow academically, heal as well as thrive mentally, assume higher duty for their knowing, as well as pursue individual objectives.

Pathways Academy

Pathways Academy is a year-round, healing, day institution developed to fulfill the social, sensory, emotional, as well as educational demands of kids as well as teenagers ages 6 via 22 with autism range problems. Our trainees might deal with social pragmatic (social interaction) troubles, sensory challenges, as well as trouble conference common college expectations. Trainees may also have co-occurring psychological diagnoses, including depression, social as well as scholastic anxiousness, and also other disorders.

Jacksonville School Nurse Liaison Project

The Jacksonville School Registered nurse Intermediary Project makes every effort to use similar assistance to advertise pediatric psychological wellness in institutions. Recognizing college personnel as principals in the health and health of school children, we offer instructional as well as assessment services, at no cost to the districts served.

University Mental Health And Wellness Program

The University Mental Health and wellness Program helps college students with mental diseases and modification concerns live much more productive lives. We offer the highest degree of mental health care, functioning carefully with university student-patients, their households, and also their establishments of college to ensure the greatest chance of academic and also personal success.